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Proprat d.o.o is a company that provides high-quality interiors of vehicles.

The company was established in 2015 on the basis of 15 years of experience in developing car seat covers for many automotive companies in Europe.

Companies such as Prevent, Boxmark, Johson Controls, Faurecia.

Our expertise can be seen in the serial-produced seat covers thet are built in many cars today.

Our products are made from high-quality materials proven for automotive interiors.

Just a few projects where our prototyping skills were included: VW Phaeton, Touareg, Passat, Golf, Polo, Transporter, Škoda Octavia, Porsche Cayenne, AMG Mercedes, Ford Focus, Renault Laguna, Nissan Pathfinder

Today we offer high-quality aftermarket service of custom car interiors for all kinds of vehicles.

We also offer product prototype development of leather and textile products for industry needs: automotive, furniture, aviation, train, and nautical. Developing from basic ideas to prototyping samples, to implementation in the production process.


Our products are made from high quality materials proved for automotive interior.



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Proprat d.o.o.
Dobja vas 253, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem
tel: +386 41 926 031 | mail: info@proprat.si